Children’s high chair tiSsi® baby’s high chair

The chair that grows with your child

In the high chair test in the ÖKO-Test magazine from 05/2017, our tiSsi® high chair was the only high chair to be assessed as “VERY GOOD”.

tiSsi®, the comfortable and ergonomic chair for children from 6 months, fits any dining table thanks to its unique S-shape.

It offers additional tilt-proof safety, especially when your little one tries to push the chair away from the table.


tiSsi® can be perfectly adjusted to your child’s height in just a few steps.
The footrest, and the height and depth of the seat can be adjusted.
With a load capacity of up to 85kg, it can stay with your child as they grow up.
tiSsi® - a loyal companion!


Weighing just 6kg, it is the lightest solid wood children’s high chair on the market, as well as one of the safest. Maximum seat height is 57cm. The seat can be adjusted down to a height of 25cm.


The tiSsi® high chair was GS-tested in accordance with DIN EN 14988:2017 and DIN EN 12520:2017.


The tiSsi® was the only chair of its kind to be assessed as “very good” in the ÖKO-TEST magazine from 05/2017.



Safety and quality are top priorities in the manufacture of tiSsi® products.

We completely avoid any substances that could cause any harm.



Safety and the use of ecologically sound materials are our top priorities in the production of the tiSsi® range!
Nothing is more important to us than the wellbeing of your children!


Did you know?

tiSsi® isn’t just the perfect high chair for babies, it’s also the perfect desk chair for older children.
Especially when they’ve just started school, children fidget a lot and can wobble around on a standard desk chair, which can negatively impact their posture.

Thanks to the tiSsi® chair’s ergonomic design, your child will always sit up straight while still being comfortable.


The adjustable height means you can make sure your child’s chair is in the ideal position to encourage good posture.


Features, functions and benefits

The tiSsi® baby high chair from DawOst raises your child up to the perfect seating position. The tiSsi® has been designed to bring your child closer to the table so they can get involved with social interactions early on, and learn from you.


When your child sits next to you, they can build up a better bond and develop better social skills and language.


The winner of multiple high chair tests, the tiSsi® high chair exceeds all international safety standards thanks to an extensive development process!

Prepare to be impressed!

Product features

  • Grows with your child - even very young children can sit at the table and learn from you
  • Height-adjustable seat and footrest
  • Depth-adjustable seat and footrest
  • Easy assembly
  • Solid beechwood guarantees durability and stability
  • Extremely tilt-proof on all sides
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dimensions, assembled (WxHxD): approx. 43 x 81 x 43
  • Product weight: approx. 6kg
  • Max. load: 85kg


tiSsi® high chair

Baby’s high chair